Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Speak to your cells

The late great Dolores Cannon taught that we must speak to the cells in our body. According to her and many others, we have the power to facilitate our healing. 

We are more than physical beings. 

We must learn to communicate with our bodies and direct our cells to heal themselves. The cells can connect and communicate with each other in order to regulate, rejuvenate, renew, and replenish when needed. 

How do you speak to your cells? 

It is not as difficult as you might believe. I can give you an excellent example. I have tachycardia, which means that at times, my heart rate goes too high. I learned many years ago that if I simply do some deep breathing, which I learned in my younger years from singing and from yoga, I can influence my body to regulate my heart rate. It literally works within a couple of minutes. This is the reason I believe Dolores Cannon. If I can instruct my brain or my heart, or the cells, to regulate my pulse, then surely I can influence other functions as well. 

I have also shared my experience with others, including my own mother, who also had great success with slowing the pulse. 

Currently, I am experiencing polyneuropathy which, at the onset included extreme burning of my skin. After several weeks I happened to view a video by Dolores Cannon and began taking charge of my body and I can happily say that I am doing much better. 

Am I totally healed? 

No, at least not yet. After 2 MRIs, I am now waiting on an appointment with a neurologist. However, I am definitely over the extreme suffering. 

Is that the only thing that I did? 

Absolutely not. I firmly believe in integrative medicine, using all reasonable paths to wellness. I doubled my intake of Lipisomal B12 with Folate, and Vitamin D3 with K2. These particular supplements supposedly help repair nerve damage and possibly the myelin sheath. I also take Gabapentin. At first, I took fairly large doses of gabapentin, but now I'm on a low maintenance dose just to keep it in my system until I see the neurologist.

I will update as conditions change. 

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